What Will an 1800 Watt Generator Power?

Ever since we’ve first come across the term ‘generator’ or heard its creepy noise, we all know what it does. It powers your camping program and your home when electricity ditches you. But have you ever thought what does it work on? Or what it requires to supply energy and power? Or how many watts it consumes? Yeah, I didn’t either. Only a nerd would do that kind of research.  

But in this era of evolution and self-help, every breathing being needs to know the most of everything. And hence, here we are. Now, a typical generator can supply somewhere around thousand watts on an average. Other, more powerful generators are capable of providing more power. 

When talking about an 1800 Watt generator, know that it is used in households and small offices and can power only a number of things. Ranging from daily home appliances to other essentials. Let’s have a brief look into the things it can power. These are as follows: 

  1. 4-5 fans 
  2. TV
  3. 3-4 tube lights
  4. Mini fridges
  5. Battery of mobile or laptop
  6. Can provide electricity to a house with minimum power usage for more than eight hours 
  7. Mini AC 

These are the daily use items that can be powered by an 1800 watt generator. Let’s look at these in depth. 


Just like everything else, fans are divided into types. These include ceiling fans, large pedestal fans, dc automotive fans, mini extractor fans and table fans. All these five consume power at different rates and produce work accordingly.

Ceiling Fans: A ceiling fans works on about 50-80 watts of power at speeds ranging from slow to high when running alone. These are the most conventional. If any other appliance along with the fans is on, the fans would automatically slow down to 20-50 watts. It is quite remarkable when it comes to power saving. 

Large Pedestal Fans: Large pedestal fans usually work at an average of 55 watts. When running singly, it can consume 60-70 Watts over a variation of speeds. And when running with other appliances, it can slow down to 35-45 watts. 

DC Automotive Fans: These are small power consuming fans and can rate up to 10-25 watts of power. These are mostly used as accessories for automotive devices. They can be slightly noisy. 

Mini Extractor Fans: Mini extractor fans are small in size and consume a minimum of 6 watts only. These are usually used computer side portable fans. Also, when it comes to small size, these are your only choice. 

Table Fans: A small table fan can consume up to 30 watts. It is an efficient fan and uses 38-40 watts when used singly and can go up to 13-15 watts when used with another running appliance. 


Everyone knows this, TVs have developed enormously throughout the years. And whether you generator can handle a running TV or not can only be determined by the power your television consumes. Most of the TVs today consume a typical of 80-350 watts. From the various types of TVs, the three most basic ones are as follows: 

  1. Small TV screens 
  2. LCDs or Plasma TVs
  3. Energy Saver TVs 

If you have a small screen TV at your home, you can easily turn it on while on a generator since they use minute amount of watts. On an 1800 watt generator, you can run a small screen for a long time. 

LED or LCD’s consume a lot more start-up and running power in contrast to small screen. An LCD’s watt consumption depends on its size. A 30 inches LCD is rated at 60 watts whereas a 50 inches LCD uses 150 watts. 

Energy savers usually consume less power than the typical LCDs and can run for short periods only. 

Tube Lights: 

If you have ever had to purchase lights and install it in your home, you would be aware of its types and power consumption. It has been divided into a lot of categories as of now which include LED, CFL, Fluorescent, Incandescent and other types of bulbs. 

A florescent bulb can consume up to 43 watts with typical power supply and is not recommended for long-term usage when using a generator. An LED on the other hand consumes minute power of 16 watts only and can run on a generator for long periods. Since lights come with power rating, you can choose the moderate one depending upon your generator’s power and daily need. 

Mini Fridges: 

It is safe to say that you can run a mini fridge on an 1800 watt generator easily. A typical mini fridge can require about 50-100 watts of energy. And this power consumption is exclusive of its insulation layers and width. However, please be advised to not use it for long periods with a generator. 


This has to be the easiest of them all. Usually most kinds of batteries can easily run on any generator. These include batteries like mobile, laptop and other low power consumption devices. A typical laptop can consume up to 20-100 watts of energy, hence it’s safe to use. 


The amount of power supply to your house depends upon the number of appliances running in it. A typical household can consume about 877 kWh on an average in a month. Meaning that will minimum usage of electronics and essentials in a house, an 1800 generator can easily power it up. 

Mini AC: 

AC’s rated at 300-320 watts of energy can be run on an 1800 watt generator. This power is equal to running two energy saver fans simultaneously. AC’s consuming more power than this would be relatively harder to run on a generator. 


An 1800 watt generator can prove to be very efficient depending on your daily use of electricity. If your house comprises of less people and electricity isn’t involved much in your daily activities, then an 1800 watt generator would be fit for you. Things might be different otherwise. 

That brings us to the end of this post. We hope you find this article to be of great help. Have Fun! 

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