Who Makes the Best Router Bits

Regardless of whether you are a professional woodworker or just like making artwork out of wood as a hobby, you’d know how important routers could be when crafting your piece. However, if you have experience working with routers, you’d be well-aware of another fact. You can only make the most of routers with the help of appropriate bits.

Courtesy of these workshop staples, joinery, grooving, and rounding over edges becomes possible. Not only that but they can also help with hollowing out areas, which is needed for inlay or mortise. Plus, there are several varieties in Router Bits as well for different jobs. For instance, rabbeting Router Bits are used for straight horizontal and vertical cuts, while chamfer Router Bits for bezel cuts.

As these parts are so important, you can tell why there are so many companies out there that deal in it. Although it’s a good thing that you’re getting such a wide variety of these products, there exists an issue, unluckily. You’re not always going to get high-quality products as there can be companies that don’t pay much attention to quality.

So, what should we do in such a case? Well, worry not! There are several brands out there that have been providing top-notch Router Bits to their clients for many years. And, you’re in luck as today we’re going to be telling you all about those companies.

Best Router Bits Sellers

Before we get to discuss the top companies that deal in Router Bits, there’s something you should note. Some people prefer going for Router Bits that are cheap, while others look for quality. Considering this, our list will contain companies for each type of demand.

Other than that, we have not only gone for the reputation of the brand, as there’s much more to it. Accordingly, it made sense to also consider the customer reviews when choosing the companies for this list. With that out of the way, let’s see the Best Router Bits sellers that you can find in 2020.

1. Freud

If you’re looking for the Router Bits on the Internet, you’re bound to come across one brand: Freud. There’s no denying the existence of Freud in the list of the top companies dealing in Router Bits. With that being said, the company also happens to be providing value for your money. This explains why you’ll see so many positive reviews of this company on any woodworking website.

Before going for Freud, you should note that their products can be a bit expensive if you’re only getting started. However, the quality that you’ll be getting for the product price won’t make you regret at all. Apart from that, another noteworthy fact about Freud is that a high percentage of their products are made in Italy.

Freud also has a wide catalog of all things related to routers. According, you’re also going to find a number of different Router Bits and sets on Amazon or your nearby stores. However, there are few sets sold by the company which have garnered widespread appeal. More specifically, buyers are bound to love the Freud 97-150 3 piece set which can help you get rock-solid joints. Whether it be fly wood, hardwood, or softwood, these Router Bits will let you make smooth cuts quite easily.

Moreover, you should also have a look at their 91-108 basic router bit set. The best thing about this set is that it contains several different Router Bits for a range of purposes. Not only that, but this set is also ideal for anyone who is just getting started with woodworking. Considering all this, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give a shot to Freud.


Now, this is another big name that you’ll see quite frequently in the Router Bits market. Why MLCS is so much popular today could be attributed to the fact that this company has been delivering high-quality products for quite some time now. In fact, there are a lot of customer reviews that you can find online declaring MLCS as the router king.

Apart from quality, there’s another thing about this company that you might find interesting. It is that it sells products which are not only top-notch but also pretty inexpensive. Accordingly, if you’re on a budget and don’t want to compromise on quality either, MLCS should be a viable choice. Similar to Freud, MLCS also offers a wide range of Router Bits. So, you can choose the ones that meet your demands and budget.

As for the company’s most popular router bit sets, you’ll find the MLCS 8377 set worth a shot. This 15-piece set is not only suited for beginners but professional woodworkers as well. This set is pretty cheap and the components usually last long too.

However, even though these Router Bits have their significance, you’d be needing other ones for more complex designs. All-in-all, MLCS is a reputable company that sells inexpensive, quality Router Bits and definitely deserved a place on our list.

3. Whiteside

Another major name in the woodworking industry has to be Whiteside. Similar to our aforementioned two entries, you’ll also find quite a few fans of the Router Bits made by this company. With that being said, the best thing about Whiteside Router Bits is the fact that they provide clean, crisp cuts. In addition, if you find your router too heavy, opting for their bits should do the trick as they’re pretty lightweight.

Although Whiteside deals in a wide range of Router Bits, we’d recommend going for their specialty, which is carbide bits. If you do, you can rest assured that these carbide bits won’t disappoint at all. Apart from that, you would also like the fact that Whiteside products are usually pretty affordable as well.

So, if you’ve made up your mind about going for Whiteside, here are some of their top sets. First of all, we have Whiteside Router Bits 402 with 0.25” shank. Courtesy of this product, you’re bound to get amazing results since the included bits are quite precise and sharp. What makes the 402 even better is that it can work on different kinds of wood. All of this makes Whiteside a top seller when it comes to the Best Router Bits.

4. Amana

If you couldn’t make up your mind about the aforementioned options, then maybe you should have a look at the Router Bits made by Amana. This company also deals in a multitude of Router Bits, but their specialty has to be the miniature bits. This is a must-have for all the woodworkers out there who’d like to round out the inside of a corner in a better way.

All thanks to Amana, you’ll be able to buy plenty of Router Bits without spending too much money. As a matter of fact, the company also doesn’t compromise on the quality either as their products are known to last long. Amana also makes sure that its Router Bits offer centricity, precision, symmetry, and balance as their manufacturing takes place in one clamping.

Other than that, if you’re interested in cutting wood, fiberglass, graphite, and other such materials, then we have just the product for you in Amana’s AMS-134. This 8-piece, general-purpose set can help you work with different materials and craft different pieces of art. Plus, you’ll also be getting a storage box made out of solid wood so that you can safeguard these Router Bits. Overall, Amana is a company that you can trust when purchasing any sort of Router Bits. However, as we mentioned earlier, the miniature Router Bits by Amana are truly underrated, to say the least.


It won’t be wrong to say that the fate of your artwork relies heavily on the Router Bits you choose. Considering this, it won’t make sense to compromise on the quality of these bits. However, if you go out in the market looking for Router Bits, you’re sure to come across numerous sellers. This might have gotten a lot of you confused, which could lead to bad decisions. Accordingly, we did all the research for you and provided this list of some of the Best Router Bits companies. Lastly, if you feel like we’re missing out on a company, head to the comment section below and tell us all about it.

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