Best Battery for Generac Generator

There is a considerable availability of batteries for Generac generators in the market. Hence, finding the right one might be a difficult task for you. Here are some of the best batteries for a Generac generator with high-performance and long life.

You might want to keep in mind that some technologies prevent any leak, and the batteries backed up by the same are the ideal options. Moreover, the battery life should also be long enough so that there isn’t any need for constant replacements.

Interstate Batteries hsl1069 Generac Generator Replacement Battery

1. Freud D12100X 100 Tooth Diablo Ultra-Fine Circular Blade

This is one of the most versatile batteries that are compatible with various Generac generator models. It is made of calcium alloy that is high-grade lead. Moreover, they have a lead-acid type seal along with B and N terminals.

One of the most promising features of this battery is that it is spill-proof. It also has an Absorbed Glass Mat technology. Due to this, the battery life is very decent, which will be able to give a very good performance. This is also because its mat separators contain fiberglass, and it has a high compression cell as well.

However, these batteries are comparatively short, and they have almost all the same features as other batteries. Nonetheless, Interstate is certainly one of the most reliable brands, and its excellent performance is surely 100%.

Hence, it has been able to outperform other brands since its reputation in the industry is very good. The features of this battery also do not disappoint in any way. The capacity of the battery is 12V 9Ah 36W, and its performance is exceptionally high for about an hour.

The battery’s size is perfect for Generac generators and other equipment like scooters, speakers, alarm systems, and the like. It is also very easy to install due to its compactness and lightweight.

The service life of this battery is relatively high due to the VRLA technology. Its design is such that it doesn’t suffer any damage regardless of the vibrations and shocks. Other than that, its exterior is very protective and useful as well.


  • Backed with VRLA technology and is maintenance-free
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Sealed lead-acid type with calcium alloy
  • High cell compression


  • A bit expensive
  • It might not perform extremely well for big machines with a high power requirement

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2. UPS Battery Center 12v 9ah Nut and Bolt Replacement Battery

UPS Battery Center 12V 9Ah is popular as one of the best batteries with a high capacity. This battery’s power supply is 12V 9Ah, and its runtime is far better than other batteries. It can last for about 4-5 years, and you will only need to get a battery replacement.

There are several features that this battery offers, and its performance is at par with what they claim to offer. Due to the excellent performance of the battery, the service life is prolonged. First of all, the battery’s build is very durable and is resistant to vibration or shocks of any kind.

Its performance does not decrease even in extreme conditions; moreover, it can work perfectly fine at any kind of temperature. Due to its durability and the ability to operate in any condition, it prolongs the service life and keeps its excellent performance consistent.

This battery is also very compact and lightweight, which makes it very compatible with several other systems.

This is one of the very few batteries that has top-notch features with no downsides as such. Moreover, the long battery life and consistent performance make it worth the price since it is a bit on the expensive side.


  • The service life is about 2-5 years
  • It has a spill-proof feature
  • There is very little maintenance required
  • It offers a one-year replacement warranty
  • It has a sealed lead-acid type battery


  • It is expensive

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3. Mighty Max Battery ml9-12

A majority of the batteries of Might Max are known for their affordable price range. It is also popular as a very famous household brand. The efficiency and performance of the model are relatively exceptional.

This battery is affordable, and along with that, there is no compromise on the features that it has to offer. Other than that, the performance is also excellent with good service life. Some of the features that these battery offers are similar to what the premium batteries have to offer.

The power rating of this battery is 12V 9Ah, and this has a significant advantage over other batteries. A majority of the other batteries have the same power rating, but their prices are relatively higher, which makes it difficult for people with a fixed budget.

Its lightweight and compactness make it compatible with other systems or equipment. Hence, there is no difficulty in trying to fit or install this battery in another generator or system. Along with that, it is backed up with the SLA/AGM technology that provides a spill-proof guarantee.

The design of this battery is comparatively better than a few other batteries. It does not require as much maintenance, and there are no possibilities of leaks as well.

The battery’s performance is high in extreme conditions and temperatures. This means the performance never drops even if the temperature is very low or high. Moreover, they are entirely resistant to any type of vibration or shock.

As mentioned above, the battery is known to be one of the most versatile ones. There is no chance of damaging the battery getting unless it is past its service life. However, it may also depend on the way you are using the battery.
Regardless, the service life of ML9-12 is about 2-5 years, which is comparatively longer than other batteries. A majority of the models by Might Max have a very long service life, and the usage of the battery can also determine the same.

If the battery is run down completely, then the service life reduces and might need replacement sooner. Overall, this battery is one of the most versatile, and you can install it in other systems or electronics as well as it provides some of the best features in that price range.


  • Great performance even in extreme conditions and temperatures
  • Offers one year warranty
  • It can be installed in different positions
  • Spill-proof with SLA/AGM


  • It might not be as durable

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4. COO Power cp12-10 Replacement Battery 0g9449

The sealed lead-acid of this battery resists any sort of leakage or spill and makes it more durable. This battery takes about 12 volts and is compatible with numerous other electronics or systems. Moreover, the replacement of the battery is direct and very easy.

The battery’s size is also relatively compact, which is one of the main reasons it is compatible with other systems. Moreover, this battery is very durable and can last up to ten years, depending on the usage.

Since the battery wires are also long enough, it is easy to fix up a new configuration as well. The performance is excellent in all conditions, and the two terminal nuts make it more convenient for some to install and fix it.

It is only 5.73lbs which makes it easy to fit it into other applications, and the nominal voltage and capacity of this battery is 12V 9Ah.


  • This battery is of a relatively smaller size
  • It can fit into many different applications
  • The wires can be used for other configurations


  • The terminal nuts may be difficult to work with for some.

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5. Neptune Replacement Battery for Generac Generator

This battery has a proper lead-acid seal and a Hi-capacity battery that has a nut and bolt terminal. Along with some of the best technologies present in this battery, it offers a lot of different features that are top-notch.

The separators such as that of AGM comprise lead-acid, making it spill-proof and prolonging its battery life. Due to these technologies and features, you can use them in almost any sort of position.

This also helps in installing it in other applications, which makes it very convenient to use. The case of the battery is made of ABS, which makes it resistant to shocks, vibrations, and fire as well.

These features allow the battery to make the best out of the battery life that it can offer. There will be no situations of compensating for the overload of the battery due to those features and, most importantly, ABS.

This battery’s service life is around three to four years, a common feature visible in almost every battery for Generac generators. Since the capacity of the battery is 12V 9Ah, the runtime is also relatively good, although it also depends on the way you use it along with the time duration.

Its design allows you to use it for a very long time in various ranges of temperature. This battery provides a one-year warranty and a lifetime of technical support from all the batteries you see in the list above.

You will be able to replace the battery at any time if there is any damage within that particular period. The dimensions and size make it easy to install in different types of machinery. It will not lead the machine to be heavier due to its weight because it is very light.

Since it is a sealed lead-acid battery, there is no chance of any leakage. So, you do not have to worry about that at all.


  • Made of ABS material that is of high quality
  • Service life up to four or five years.
  • It can function in any sort of condition
  • It is resistant to fire


  • The nut and bolt terminals do not come with the battery.

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Important Features of Batteries

After going through the entire list of the best batteries and their reviews, you might notice that some features present in almost all the products. Although most batteries have the same voltage and claim to offer similar features as that of the premium batteries, not all of them provide them.

It is essential to note that some features are integral for every battery and should be considered while trying to get a good battery for the generator. Moreover, it is necessary for you to check the customer reviews as well as the service provided by the brand.


Since it is impossible for most of us to replace the batteries repeatedly, you should look for a durable battery that can perform well over time—the brand value and how reliable it brings out the product value.

A trusted brand will always have a service available for repair and replacements along with warranties.


Other than that, the features and durability are also important factors you should keep in mind before you choose a battery.

Most batteries tend to offer a lot of features and have numerous specifications, but they might not last for very long. Hence, all these factors should be balanced to get the best product that also lasts for a very long time.

The last and most important factor is being spill-proof. It can be very dangerous if your battery is not resistant to shocks and fire and leaks very often. Hence, finding the correct battery that is spill-proof and does not require much maintenance is very integral.

This will not only keep you on the safe side but also land you with one of the best batteries available in the market.


You need to know the battery’s essential features before you go ahead and explore your options. Hence, you need to check every specification of the battery and be able to find the one that is the most durable.

After having an idea of the factors that need to be present in a battery, you can easily choose one based on your preference. There will be no problems as such if you keep certain things in mind. This will help you find the ideal battery for your generator.

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